ABILENE is a rock band from the American midwest. Based in Indiana, but with members from all over the country, their diverse backgrounds create an eclectic mix of musical flavors that is rooted in rock, but includes elements of pop, R&B, and pretty much anything else they’ve ever heard.

Our passion is to captivate audiences with fun music and honest, vulnerable stories. We work in partnership with many music, arts, and outreach organizations – so whether we’re playing in a club, a college, an inner city youth outreach facility or on tour in some other country, we’re always excited about using music to start conversations.

We did a concert outreach tour in Australia recently. At night, we’d look up in the sky and see the Southern Cross, which is a constellation you can only see in the southern hemisphere. The sight of those stars was new to us, but of course those stars aren’t new; they’ve been there just as long all the others. We’d just never seen them before, because of where we live. So every night, the stars would remind us that sometimes, you have to change your perspective to see things that have been true the whole time.

That’s what music does – it lets us meet people, hear their stories and get into conversations about things like that. Not about constellations, but about things like truth, spirituality, hope, passion, and purpose. Things that we might see more fully if we changed our perspective just a bit.”

For booking information, email us at abilenetheband @ gmail.com