Back home again in Indiana…

Just got home from our tour in Australia. We had a great time partnering with Power To Change, working together to do a bunch of concerts in high schools. All of us have toured a bunch in other bands prior to Abilene, and I think were all agreed that the folks there were the finest we’ve ever worked with in terms of their vision and heart for reaching the students, and their ninja-level resourcefulness and organization for the tour management details.

In addition to playing concerts, they asked us to share about how our faith has impacted our lives. While our catalogue of music is not overtly about spirituality, our own stories are something we can weave seamlessly into our shows. In this case, Jess would share some stories about her experiences with depression and other issues in high school, and share how her relationship with God changed her life and gave her the hope and perspective it took to seek both spiritual and professional help. Seems like most students aren’t used to seeing someone be so vulnerable and honest, and it was amazing to see so many of them respond in faith and realize that their future doesn’t have to look like their present.

We won’t have many photos from the tour of our actual concerts, since Australia’s educational system is VERY careful about protecting the students’ safety, and that extends into the digital space. Over in the photos page, though, we’ll add some that don’t require blurring out too many student faces.

Now we’re home, reflecting on what a great experience it was, and wondering if it’s too early to book the next trip to Sydney. 🙂